vegetarian food

We serve freshly cooked vegetarian dishes with a vegan option which are nutritionally balanced and express all the exuberance and creativity of culinary cultures around the world - with our own twist

We love to cook and take delight in creating dishes inspired by our many travels to near and far places

We Use

  • all vegetables & fruit
  • all grains, nuts seeds & pulses
  • stevia, honey & fruit-based nectars
  • all herbs & spices
  • eggs & dairy
  • probiotics: yoghurt, kimchi, miso...

We Avoid

  • margarine or trans fats
  • refined flours other than 0:0 for pizza, pasta, brioche, choux...
  • cheeses made with animal rennet
  • refined white sugar
vegetarian dining


We can cater for you vegans absolutely

Please tell us in advance so we can plan our menus

If your dietary requirements extend beyond the exclusion of eggs and dairy please declare this before booking and wait for our confirmation

Special Diets

We can accommodate some exclusion diets

If you have a serious food allergy we are unable to guarantee non-containation with gluten, nuts and other allergens

Please declare your special diet before booking and wait for our confirmation

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